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Tips to get back to work

Do fun activities with your kids.

Tips to get back to work Taking care of your family is the most important task in your life now. Your husband/boyfriend/lover/one-night-stand has left you and somehow you have to make it work. If you are still going through the emotional pain that is the realization of being a single parent, please seek emotional support… Read More

And another one…Richard Maddox Combs

Richard Maddox Combs

The current Deadbeat Dad #1 aka Richard Maddox Combs owes over $250,000 in child support.  Has not paid or been seen in over 8 years. Stole money before disappearing. In addition to stolen funds, has never paid Court ordered Child Support, Judgement or Spousal Support. He is currently hiding his assets and running from the… Read More

Hey Ari Kupchin from Brooklyn, NY — Pay up!

Ari Kupchin is currently living at his parents house in Brooklyn, NY at (obmited address), Brooklyn,  NY 11213. He is hiding from child support and gave up seeing his 2 sons so he wouldn’t have to pay any child support.  He is working at Super 13 supermarket  at (obmited address) and at Empire Kosher at… Read More

Deadbeat Parents get a wake up call in PA!

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — June 17, 2013 Today, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has spent the first morning hours trying to detain and question deadbeat parents. According to Sheriff Eileen Behr, deputies went door to door looking for mom and dads that are not delinquent in child support payments. Ten individuals were arrested. Teams were assembled… Read More

Dadedan Richard Moore

Dadedan Richard Moore

And here we go again. Another deadbeat but hey! This one has a job! How come authorities have not picked him up yet? This is what the baby mama has to say: “This man… sorry DEADBEATS name is Dadedan Richard Moore. From the outside looking in be seems like a standup guy. Playing the father… Read More

Jorge Centeno, MO – DeadBeat Dad #1

Jorge Centeno Deadbeat Dad

This deadbeat apparently loves to smile for the camera, let’s see about smiling for the court to pay your child support. Age 32, Lives in St.Louis, Missouri, works as dental assistant. Happens to be engaged but hiding from child support. He currently owes $14,000 and never call his kids. He is the biggest deadbeat! Such a… Read More

Powerball winner owes thousands in child support payments

man win lottery owes child support

A resident of New Jersey recently struck gold, winning $338 million in the Powerball lottery. Before lottery winnings are provided, officials often run a check on the winner for outstanding debts. In this case, the winner had a warrant out for delinquent child support payments. Pedro Quezada, a 44 year-old father of five children ranging… Read More